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How to Prepare Your Home and Pet For a Sitter

home keys
Image by Landon Martin

Preparing Your Home

  • Decide the Boundaries You Should Set With Your Sitter

    • What are they responsible for? What rooms are off-limits? What household resources do they have access to? Making a comprehensive list of what is comfortable for you can help your home sitter abide by your rules and provide you with the best service.​

  • Create a Key System

    • Whether giving a key to your sitter or leaving one in a hidden location, determine how you would like your sitter to access your space.​

  • Determine the Frequency of Check-Ins

    • Texts, pictures, or even phone calls are all valid options to ensure you get updates on your home. Create a plan with your sitter on how often you would like them to check-in about your space.

home keys
Cat in a Green Vest

Preparing Your Pet

  • Recognize Your Pets Needs and Reactivity

    • Having a new person come into your home while your pet is alone can be a frightening experience. Keep pets in a separate area away from the home's entrance so that introductions can happen slowly, and prepare your sitter with knowledge of your pets behaviors.

  • Be Clear of Any Routines

    • It's important for your sitter to be able to keep things as "normal" as possible for your pet. Explain any routines, activities, treats, etc. that your pet may be accustomed to​.

  • Sort Out the Important Information

    • Medications, vet contact info, dietary allergies/restrictions (including people food), and any necessary equipment that your sitter may need should all be accessible and clear before you leave.

For more details, tips and ideas, I found this article to be very complete and concise! As always, feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

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